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Jennifer Johnson 

I am a local artist and who is inspired by the landscapes of the Georgian Bay Area of Ontario, Canada.  I also offer group and private painting lessons.

I began painting fairly late in life after my father died, leaving me his battered box of oil paints.  Initially, I just shoved it under my bed.  After all, becoming an artist had never crossed my mind. 


It wasn't till a year later that I took the box out and opened it  There, along with the dried out tubes of oil paint, scrubby brushes, and a small landscape sketch that Dad never finished,  I found my passion for painting.  Who knew that Dad had left a bit of his spirit in that box just waiting till I was ready to find him again!


Jan 2021.jpeg

I promptly enrolled in evening painting courses at the Toronto School of Art.  As I was still working full time, those evening classes along with lots of weekend painting workshops, became welcome retreats from the demands of a job and family. Upon retirement, I took more painting courses through the Haliburton School of Art, and Georgian College's Fine Arts Program.  Over the past eight years I have had the privilege of studying with the amazing artists at the Mill Street Art Studio in Creemore.  I also have been privileged to teach adult painting fundamentals courses for  the Bay School of Art. 

Art is something for which I am deeply grateful.  Art-making of any sort is a wonderful way of continuing to be a student of life. 

"Being an artist means not numbering or counting, but ripening like a tree, which doesn't force its sap, standing confidently in storms, not afraid that summer may not come." (Rainer Maria Rilke) 

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